The ‘Tagless’ Option (Note: Requires Tags) AdMonsters Presentation

At the most recent AdMonsters Publisher Forum (XXXV) I had the opportunity to present on ‘Tagless’ ad technology from a publisher perspective.


In prepping for the presentation, I tried to consider things from a number of angles that would (hopefully) be beneficial for attendees who were totally unfamiliar with the tech, somewhat familiar, and extremely familiar. This being AdMonsters, I was also careful not to suggest the right path for those in attendance, but also speak to our personal experience thus far.

The results were a deck that focused on:

  • Defining the technology
  • Understanding the page load process with ‘Tagless’ enabled
  • Things to consider about this tech in general
  • What’s required to make this tech work
  • Why this is beneficial for ‘Tagless’ partners when enabled
  • (Potential) Pros of this setup
  • (Potential) Cons of this setup
  • Players in the space
  • Strategic considerations
  • Does the term ‘Tagless’ even make sense? Alternative naming solutions
  • Questions for the group

If you’re interested in taking a look at the slides, you can download the presentation here. If you’d like to learn more about this technology you can see my initial post here.

While I think each publisher should carefully weigh the pros and cons of adding this tech, I can say it’s provided lift for our properties thus far with minimal increase in latency.

In the coming days we’ll be posting a more technical look at what’s required here written by our ad engineer, Jon Crowell which I’m really excited about.

Until then, stay ‘Tagless’ not swag-less…