Introduction to Ad Optimization (Presentation)

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The StudyBreak Media team recently had the opportunity to present our story, along with the core fundamentals of ad and yield optimization at a course at NYC’s General Assembly.

In an effort to reach more people looking to learn about the space, we wanted to post our presentation deck online. While slides are no substitute for explanation (or our smiling faces!), please leave any questions/clarifications in the comments section, or get in touch and we can discuss further.

Specifically this course outlines basic fundamentals of:

  1. Who we are (StudyBreak Media) and how we got here.
  2. Basic fundamentals of digital advertising, ad optimization and why it’s so important for websites.
  3. Ad partners: Finding the right partners to work with
  4. Ad servers: What purpose they serve and their benefits
  5. Digital ad data: Tracking and analyzing your data

Digital Advertising: Introduction to Yield and Ad Optimization

  • Presented by Emry DowningHall, Cristina Calderin, Kristina Dzenis, Samuel Youn
  • Course hosted by ImagineEasy Solution’s Get Course. Learn more!



SBM GA Presentation