Header Bidding: From Hack to Holistic Approach

At the latest Ad Monsters Tech Forum, I had the opportunity to present on header bidding. The presentation was, “Header Bidding: From Hack to Holistic Approach” and was a lot of fun to put together and share with the group.

With so much great information out now about this tech, my aim was to touch on some things I hadn’t seen covered in depth at other events. One of those areas was attempting to clarify auction mechanics and some specifics around the different components of the auction.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.27.28 PM

(Unlocking the mystery of header bidding … in reality, the room was just super dark)

The presentation touched on:

  • Why this tech has grown so quickly
  • Header-Bidding auction mechanics
  • Latency and how to approach it
  • Price flooring and why it’s critical
  • Wrappers
  • Best practices: level up
  • What’s next for header-bidding?

If you’re interested in the presentation, you can download it here.

A few notes about the slides:

  • Big shoutout to Cory Wheeler and AJ Okereke of Graphiq.com. Both graphics you see in the presentation come (with permission) from their awesome research. Slides 12 and 18.
  • Slide 6 isn’t meant to throw gasoline on the Google vs. everyone fire. In the presentation I pointed out that Google is actually still our largest partner and the rise of header bidding was largely due to Google’s competitors attempting to counter a perceived advantage of dynamic allocation and compete for more inventory. Those points are further touched on in slide 7.
  • The formulas on slides 21 and 22 weren’t presented in session. In general, going over formulas is a great way to have your audience sprint out of your presentation in droves but I included them because I recommend making sure they are part of your header optimization process.

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