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I Want My Money – Finance Tips for Working with New Digital Ad Partners

At StudyBreak Media all of our finance procedures are manual. We don’t employ a dedicated accountant and we aren’t big enough for a finance team or, to purchase a tool or platform that allows us to automate any part of our process. However, this doesn’t make the work any less important.

This is also the case for many publishers we’ve met. So, we want to share some specific strategies we’ve implemented that have aided in improving our process in a series we’d like to call “I Want My Money”.

In this first article, we will discuss the steps we take with a new ad partner. Look out for more finance tips in future installments. Read More

Consider This: What’s the right amount of ad partners for me? (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this two part series, I discussed how the length of your ad stack can actually impact your discrepancy rates, drive competition and asked you to think about manageability.

Let’s dive in a little deeper. In part 2 I will go over:

User Impact
Long-Term vs. Short-Term
Building Relationships with Ad Partners
Testing New Ad Partners
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Consider This: What’s the right amount of ad partners for me? (Part 1)

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Does the number of ad partners in your demand stack impact performance? What are the pros and cons of a longer or shorter stack?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, this post will outline some of the major points to consider when determining what size demand stack is right for you and your site.

This will be a two part series. In part 1, I will discuss:

Driving Competition

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How To Pitch Your Digital Media Solutions to Publishers

Working closely with a wide number of demand partners over the years, one thing I’m consistently asked is what’s the most effective way to communicate value with publishers? This is an answer everyone in the space is seeking, from the largest fish (Google) to the smallest specialty rep firms or SSPs. As you’re probably aware, there isn’t one definitive answer (outside of every publisher is different, which of course isn’t helpful). But, there are certainly some best practices and there are absolutely things you should avoid when trying to win a new publisher’s business. Here are some suggestions for best practices:
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What is rCPM and Why Does it Matter to Digital Advertising?


One of the very first tasks I was given when I joined StudyBreak Media was to complete an introduction project which would familiarize me with some of the most commonly used terms in digital advertising. It was a great opportunity for me to build a strong foundation in digital advertising, but it also brought up a lot of questions.

One big question for me is, why isn’t more emphasis being placed on the rCPM metric? CPM and even eCPM can be found by a quick search no problem, but if you try searching for just the term “rCPM” well…I’m sure you’ve tried it. Not exactly what I was looking for. Now add the words “digital advertising” and at least we are in the right field, but not much better.

So, what’s the deal? Where are all the articles? I have no idea. But, I am going to do my best to help you out and give you at least one more option when you are trying to understand what exactly rCPM really is (pun intended – ha). Read More

Learning Digital Advertising: Terms You Should Know if You’re New to Digital Advertising

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The basics. You want these, and fast, when you are new. Even before you attempt to understand the LUMAscape and the IAB’s Digital Advertising Arena, establishing a solid foundation can allow you to quickly streamline your objectives. But how do you know where to start?

As the newest member to StudyBreak Media, I know first-hand how important a basic foundation is. Here, I provide a quick cheat sheet on some key terms you should know when starting out in advertising for digital media.

1)      Publisher – Any person or company that publishes content via a site, app or blog. This is the opposite of the ‘demand’ side of the business.

2)      Impression(s) – Sometimes referred to as “Imps”, this is the measurement of the number of times an advertisement is displayed. Impressions are measured on a per page basis, which is the number of ad spots per pageview.

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