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With over seven years experience in digital advertising and yield optimization, Emry serves as the director of StudyBreak Media and a founding member of the team. Before StudyBreak Media, Emry was an original member of He graduated from Temple University (Go Owls!), lives in Brooklyn Heights and has a mysterious passion for R&B.

Recognize, Monitor and Tolerate: Discrepancy and Header-Bidding (Tagless Ad Tech)

When I first wrote about ‘tagless’ ad tech (also passionately referred to as header-bidding or pre-bidding) back in late December, my aim was to share some of what I’d learned about the technology as well as gain a better understanding of it myself.

My colleague also wrote a post (here and here) that details the more technical side of this setup.

Over the past nine months we’ve integrated with five partners across three websites and have tested a variety of serving types. We’ve built and have had built thousands of line items and have dealt with a number of challenges (both positive and negative) with this tech.

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WTF is a ‘tagless’ solution, and why are there so many tags? (Part 1)

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My hope with this post is to discuss the idea of ‘tagless’ ad tech and how it can be beneficial to publishers willing to commit the time and resources for implementation. On the surface, this technology can seem a bit intimidating but it’s actually pretty straight forward and my aim is to help reveal that. 
Time permitting, future posts will also outline basic DFP and tech setup, as well as the overall impact we’ve seen thus far from the partners we’re working with on our properties. 

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18 tips for Maximizing Ad Revenue with Website Design

In previous posts, we’ve written quite a bit about different techniques and strategies publishers can use to maximize ad revenue. One key element that all of these strategies require is a site design that lends to a good user experience with a layout that also maximizes ad revenue and performance.

Whether your sites user sessions are long tail or a single pageview, we’ve put together a list of 18 things to keep in mind with your site’s design that will allow you to maximize your return from your programmatic and static demand partners.

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