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What is rCPM and Why Does it Matter to Digital Advertising?


One of the very first tasks I was given when I joined StudyBreak Media was to complete an introduction project which would familiarize me with some of the most commonly used terms in digital advertising. It was a great opportunity for me to build a strong foundation in digital advertising, but it also brought up a lot of questions.

One big question for me is, why isn’t more emphasis being placed on the rCPM metric? CPM and even eCPM can be found by a quick search no problem, but if you try searching for just the term “rCPM” well…I’m sure you’ve tried it. Not exactly what I was looking for. Now add the words “digital advertising” and at least we are in the right field, but not much better.

So, what’s the deal? Where are all the articles? I have no idea. But, I am going to do my best to help you out and give you at least one more option when you are trying to understand what exactly rCPM really is (pun intended – ha). Read More

Google DFP: Blending an uncapped manage demand stack with capped deals and AdX dynamic allocation

At StudyBreak Media our objective is straight forward. We aim to maximize the value of 100% of our partners IAB inventory while protecting their brand.

If that sounds like marketing speak, frankly, it is. It’s a one sentence summary of a process that’s taken seven years to develop and countless hours of testing, failing, and testing again until success. Part of the reason we have this blog is to share and communicate what we’ve learned along the way. When you’re serving over 5,000,000,000 impressions a year you’re forced to keep a close eye on things and we challenge ourselves to consistently innovate. Today I’d like to share an ad serving problem we were having, and a proposed solution to that problem.

If you have any further questions about this process, why we’ve elected to institute it or how it was done, contact us here. Also, I’d like to thank Kevin Davis from, Winston Park from, and John Li of for helping us figure this out.

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