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Learning Digital Advertising: Terms You Should Know if You’re New to Digital Advertising

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The basics. You want these, and fast, when you are new. Even before you attempt to understand the LUMAscape and the IAB’s Digital Advertising Arena, establishing a solid foundation can allow you to quickly streamline your objectives. But how do you know where to start?

As the newest member to StudyBreak Media, I know first-hand how important a basic foundation is. Here, I provide a quick cheat sheet on some key terms you should know when starting out in advertising for digital media.

1)      Publisher – Any person or company that publishes content via a site, app or blog. This is the opposite of the ‘demand’ side of the business.

2)      Impression(s) – Sometimes referred to as “Imps”, this is the measurement of the number of times an advertisement is displayed. Impressions are measured on a per page basis, which is the number of ad spots per pageview.

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