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A Refreshing Debate: Amending Google’s Anti Auto-Refresh Policy

The supporting argument for publishers auto-refreshing their webpage is simple: An increased refresh rate leads to more ad impressions which leads to more revenue.  Pretty straight forward.

The dissenting argument on the demand side is also very clear: Ad refreshes that aren’t triggered by the user are less likely to be engaged by that user, paying and performing worse for the publisher and the client. The ultimate result of this, they argue, is devalued inventory for publishers and unhappy clients for demand partners.

In general, when both sides of an argument present truly rational cases for their position the result is slow progress. Although we believe both sides of the auto-refresh debate have merit, there are some important distinctions to consider about both positions .
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StudyBreak Media: Ruminations of a Publisher

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In digital media, everyone aims to be different. In truth, most companies are the same or at least very similar. While perhaps I’m naïve, and certainly bias, I feel we’re on the path to achieving something unique at StudyBreak Media and this blog is our voice.

Have you ever seen the display LUMA slide? It’s terrifying. And those are the reputable companies!

If you’re in any aspect of this business, you know what I’m talking about. Every publisher has been offered a deal that sounds too good to be true. Whether it’s a fixed CPM rate, a 100% fill, boatloads of rich media, direct deals, whatever. People in our industry make a lot of promises.

With this blog, we want to create a place where partners, and their results are reviewed and discussed openly and honestly. Did they pay on time? Did they actually deliver on their promises? Did they hold their price floors? Do they answer your emails?

The goal isn’t to drag anyone through the mud or expose any confidential information (NDA’s will be upheld… we respect wood), the goal is simple: Separate the providers who offer real value to publishers from those that don’t.

The unique advantage we have at StudyBreak Media is we started as publishers and we remain publishers today. The media aspect of our company is simply the effort of bundling and selling of our student focused inventory directly. The aspect of our business where we’ve had the most success is yield optimization for remnant and programmatic inventory. With the large majority of our impressions relying on the “remnant” market, working with quality demand partners is critical. During my seven years in this industry, I’ve worked with a lot of companies and seen a lot of things. While I’ve made plenty of mistakes, I’ve also been able to couple that with success, which I define as protecting the brands of the sites I’m controlling while maximizing revenue.

Over the years I’ve realized there’s no secret or cheat codes to this game. The reason I, and now with a talented team we, consistently outperform the market is because we commit to analyzing the data and making setup changes every day, dedicate ourselves to efficient ad serving and only work with partners who are truly adding value.

This is a meritocracy.

With this blog we’ll be bringing you our thoughts, insights and what we’re up to. We’re also going to use this as a platform to let others share theirs. If it’s a publisher, we’ll try to uncover what they do well, maybe it’s different from what we do and that’s fine. If it’s a company, we’ll let them speak candidly about what they offer and hold them to it.

The goal is to create a resource publishers can use to better their business, whether they’re our clients or not. The best part of this industry is we can share what works with one another and that’s what we’re going to do.