At StudyBreak Media we understand that reaching young people online has never been easy.  Reaching them in a brand-friendly, viewable environment where you control the message was nearly impossible.  

We make it simple for brands and agencies to reach a 100% student audience, affordably and effectively, through our education focused websites’ standard and customized advertising opportunities.


Introduction to Retargeting Campaigns

By now most everyone that works in ad ops knows what RTB is and how it has impacted the industry. If you are not familiar with RTB, no worries – just check out our post on RTB here.

The general gist is that advertisers can build detailed profiles of users through web “cookies” that track a user’s behavior. This user’s data is then used to be targeted by specific advertisers in exchanges that decide to bid on the user to buy an impression for their advertisement (this happens programmatically). Amazing right?

But how are buyers and advertisers leveraging this data for RTB and programmatic exchanges to optimize performance? Check out this online presentation to learn the different types of retargeting campaigns available to advertisers and the method of optimizing them.

Make sure to click the full screen icon located on the bottom right of the menu bar of the presentation !

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